The story of romer

Project Romer – is a small two wheeled self-sufficient robot that would roam around the house and interact with its owner and mostly take care of its own needs by itself. Romer is equipped capabilities to learn the habits of its owner and how to act. When the owner cames home Romer would, for instance, would come to the door and greet them, when Romer is called out it hears and locates the caller. Romers only function is to keep company.

Wandering dots

A study in "mixture of Gaussian and Pareto distributions"

Playing around with OpenCV in processing

A little test playing around with an OpenCV library for processing. Capture the webcam image and add some effects.


Photophobia is an art piece created to RISTIAALLOKKO/CROSS WAVES exhibition hosted by Aalto University Media Lab

Remote controlled appliances

Two robots with 24ish hours to build each.

Flipping the bird

A "failed" late night idea to venture into the world animatronics, a bird-bat-hybrid ...

Waving the fingers

Drawing hands and fingers has always been a nightmare for me. So I decided to build one. Seemed easier.

The documentation of none

My attempt to rectify my "way" of documentation.

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